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I guess it is more than obvios that for the release of WANulator 2 I also changed the CMS system (from etomite to wordpress). For the moment I just copied the content – so there is still some work to be done over the next few days to tidy it up. Also the documentation needs some serious rework to cover the WANulator 2.0 changes.
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  1. There are also quite a few pieces of software in Windows that allow you to change network conditions, but they are expensive or I couldn’t get them to work. Another article I came across, “How To: Simulate WAN Connections in Your Own Test Lab, For Free!” by Michel Roth gives an overview of two of these applications and how he uses them with Citrix. NetLimiter and Tmnetsim . NetLimiter costs money and I don’t need to simulate traffic every day. Only once in a while. I actually installed Tmnetsim on my XP 32bit system and couldn’t get it to work worth a darn. I also want to easily modify my entire connection, not specific ports. Another piece of Windows software I saw mention of all over was Shunra VE Desktop, which is another application with a free trail that you have to purchase. No thanks.

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