Hooray WANulator 2.0 is online

First of all thanks a lot for all the feedback I got for the beta versions. I did some cleanup and fixed the issues which have been introduced with the save-file and script options of RC4 (there might be still some trouble with the scripting features so please let me know if you have this successfully tested in a more complicated script set-up – I would be especially interessted if someone has setups with (scripted) changing simulation parameters over a longer test periods). Unfortunately the documentation still needs some rewrite. So until I find some time to fix it this may be an additional usability test :). Obviously feedback and suggestions are always highly appreciated.

P.S. for a full list of features please have a look in the release-notes or in the announcements of the older release candidates.

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  1. Scott Griepentrog says:

    Is there any way to get xircom pccard support? I have an old laptop with a xircom realport card and it doesn’t show up.

  2. Jeremy goosen says:

    I just found your application I have to say bravo bravo.

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