Release Notes

Version 2.11
  • All of Version 2.01
  • Major update Linux to ubuntu mini remix 15.04
  • Small Bugfixes in the save configuration XML – disabled interface are not saved anymore
Version 2.01
  • All of Version 2.0 – RC3
  • Additional Bugfixes – make scramble function work correctly; delete of functions does now set state correctly in kernel driver
Version 2.0
  • All of Version 2.0 – RC3
  • Just Bugfixes no new features
Version 2.0 – RC 4
  • All of Version 2.0 – RC3
  • Added commandline option -F to start WANulator with an existing config file e.g. for using in scripts
  • Minor gui cleanup and added some tool tips
Known Issues:
  • Saved configs do not support decimal points in chance settings
  • starting WANulator from config file leads to ststistic counter not beeing updated
  • Closeing WANulator does not clean up bridge and kernel module settings correctly
  • Config file does not support filter settings
Version 2.0 – RC 3
  • All of Version 2.0 – RC2
  • Added filter settings for functions to be applied only to filtered packets
  • Filter configuration now based on XML files
Version 2.0 – RC 2
  • All of Version 2.0 – RC1
  • Allow user to enter decimal numbers for chance setting e.g. 0.03 %
Version 2.0 – RC 1
  • Complete rewrite based on QT and ubuntu Linux
  • Configuration saved in XML files
  • Support Drag and Drop of simulation functions
  • Based on Ubuntu 11.0 – Linux Kernel version 2.6.38
  • Included Wireshark 1.4.6 and FF 5.0
Version 1.1
  • All Changes from 1.1RC1
  • Update: Firefox 3.5.1, Wireshark 1.0.4 and Netperf 2.4.4 are included
  • Changed burst setting to be more intuitive – burst is always applied with 1 packet being the default
  • Automatic X configuration is default boot mode which leads to better x-configurations and hopefully does not causes too many problems
  • Screen resolution can be set from Fluxbox menu (right-click on background)
Version 1.1RC1
  • Update to new Slax (6.0.8) / Kernel (2.6.27) for better HW support (please note the slax-creator wont work anymore)
  • Firefox 3.0, Wireshark 1.0 and Netperf 2.4.4 are included
  • Speed limitations should work now better for small speed settings
  • You can also enter decimal numbers as interface speed (e.g. 10.5)
  • Some cosmetic interface changes
  • Download size was optimized
Known Bugs:
  • Mix Function still does not work
Version 1.01
  • Cleandup interface selection dialog now only shows supported interfaces
  • Bugfix: Selecting interface > 2nd interface now possible
Known Bugs:
  • Mix Function does not work
Version 1.0
  • New button and logo design
  • Fixed reset statistics
  • Fixed save of filter settings
Known Bugs:
  • Mix Function does not work
  • Application crashes when selecting > 2nd Ethernet interface
Version 0.3
  • Based on SLAX version 5.1.8
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.16
  • Wireshark 0.99.1
  • Firefox 2.0
  • Netperf 2.4.2
Known Bugs:
  • Mix Function does not work
  • Reset Statistics does not work
  • Save configuration does not work for user filter settings
Version 0.2
  • Function can now be triggered only “Once” (affecting the first packet)! It is possible to combine this with bursts…
  • Possibility to assign a function only to packets with certain characteristics defined by a filter
  • Filter definitions built-in for most common protocols
  • User defined filters (please note, for testing purposes you can also runtime change any filter description )
Version 0.1
  • Initial Version
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  1. Franco says:

    I would like to know what wanulator is using for drop packet distribution (linear, normal, other). We are working on Satellite simulation and would like to inject using a normal distribution, based on the Gui it looks like you are using a linear distribution.


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