WANulator Downloads

End User License:

Downloading and using Wanulator is subject to our End User License. Please have a look for more details.

Latest Version:

Version 2.2(RC): download! (iso image, 880MB, MD5: 0b8ed791a766b9dbe54baa9626efcfa5 )

  • Changed the base Linux distribution to lubuntu 20.04 (sorry for the larger file size)
  • Known issue: fluxbox and QT behave somehow strange when changing screen-resolution
  • Known issue: getting dhvp lease from ui does not work (please use cmdline, dhclient as a workaround)

Older Versions:

Version 2.11(stable): download! (iso image, 257MB, MD5: 440a26e1e87e005c6c56b009c66d523a )

  • All of Version 2.01
  • Major update Linux to ubuntu mini remix 15.04
  • Small Bugfixes in the save configuration XML – disabled interface are not saved anymore

Version 2.01: download! (iso image, 257MB, MD5: 440a26e1e87e005c6c56b009c66d523a )

  • Additional Bugfixes – make scramble function work correctly; delete of functions does now set state correctly in kernel driver

Version 2.0: download! (iso image, 257MB, MD5: 020b3918c492472ae9ec9a18a8c2e7cd )

Version 1.1: download! (iso image, 120MB, MD5: 3989cf486f4e057be567ee3a1ebd623f )

Version 1.01 download! (iso image, 167MB, MD5: 3fc4aed992489c03ebea6bd75d979890 )