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Finally: New release with updated Linux kernel available!

Thanks to some slack time at the chaos communication camp 2015 a new WANulator version is available in the download section. It mainly provides an updated kernel to support the latest HW. Have fun…

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Small Bugfix Release

Recently some nasty bugs have been reported which I found critical enough to not wait for the next major release to fix them. First of all the scramble function did not work correctly – this is also a bit due

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Hooray WANulator 2.0 is online

First of all thanks a lot for all the feedback I got for the beta versions. I did some cleanup and fixed the issues which have been introduced with the save-file and script options of RC4 (there might be still

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RC4 uploaded for testing

Hello, just uploaded RC4. The main change was the commandline option (-F filename) to start WANulator from commandline with an existing configuration file. I included this option mainly to allow scripting – maybe I will also add a non-gui version

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New Web Pages

I guess it is more than obvios that for the release of WANulator 2 I also changed the CMS system (from etomite to wordpress). For the moment I just copied the content – so there is still some work to

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Switched Linux distribution

As mentioned some time ago I was looking for a better solution to build the WANulator live CDs. SLAX WANulator was originally based on is unfortunately not maintained very well. Thus I was not able to update especially for support

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Going to the CCC camp 2011

I guess as anyone expected you will find me on the CCC Camp 2011 on maybe the best campground I can imagine for an event like this in Finowfurt, Germany. If you are interrested to meet me for a chat

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Download on Heise

The latest version of Wanulator (v1.1) is now also available for download from As I got some complaints of low download speeds especially from overseas this may be a faster alternative.

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Work in Progress

I was never too happy with the WANulator SW architecture. Many ideas and features I hesitated implementing because of that. So eventually I decided to rewrite most of the code (I guess the message is that it may take a

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