About WANulator

The name WANulator comes from "WAN" and "simulator. This pretty much describes what the software does: It simulates different Internet conditions such as delay or packet loss. Furthermore it simulates user access line speeds e.g. modem, ISDN or ADSL. For a full list of parameters which can be simulated please have a look in feature list.

For You?

  • Easily test and optimize the behavior of any network application in different network scenarios
  • See your web-page load performance when simulating a modem or DSL connection
  • Optimize streaming behavior and buffer handling (e.g. within Voice over IP or video streaming applications)

It Works!

WANulator is currently packaged as a Linux boot CD based on Ubuntu. This will give you a full out of the box experience. You can turn any PC into a test-system within a blink – just by booting the Wanulator CD. The package already includes useful client SW such as web-browser. Nevertheless if the PC has 2 network interfaces the system can run as an intermediate system between your server and your client – as a switch – without any configuration hassles (recommended setup- see also in the documentation).